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Muzafar Ali
It’s interesting to see the outcome when tomorrow Kabul’s streets will filled with people, exercising their political right to object on the ‪#‎government‬. Popular protests will definitely shake the “‪#‎FantasticallyCurrept‬” government of ‪#‎Afghanistan‬ who are living in a ‪#‎democratic‬ era but their mentality, actions and decisions are not different than the ‪#‎Taliban‬ and former kings; by snubbing rights of a group of people for the sake of unjustifiable ethnic base.
The ‪#‎Afghan‬ governments have violated the constitution’s Article Six, “The state is obliged to create a prosperous and progressive society based on social justice, protection of human dignity, protection of human rights, realisation of democracy, and to ensure national unity and equality among all ethnic groups and tribes and to provide for balanced development in all areas of the country.”
The governments have brutally embezzled the hefty amounts from development projects in all over the country. Tomorrow’s protest will ask serious questions based on their obligations. During 15 years, ‪#‎Afghans‬ in general but ‪#‎Hazara‬ people in particular have been victim of their corruption and unequal development.
The Afghan government is responsible on each children remain out of the educational services and become a suicide bomber and or become terrorist. The Afghan government is responsible when women are died during giving birth because of lack of facilities in their village (‪#‎Daikundi‬ has one of the highest ratio in Afghanistan unfortunately). Afghanistan government is responsible when dozens of young children die due to easily curable diseases like flue and diarrhoea each year just because there is no medicines in the clinics. The government is responsible when people are dying of hunger. The government is responsible when a big number of people are left to live in dark and quench thirst of generations of inherited hatred.
But NOT the time has changed. People are well aware. They know about their rights. They know how to exercise their political rights and raise their voices. ‪#‎EnlighteningMovement‬ will awake people and show them the real face of old fashioned traditional Afghan government. Enlightening movement will start tomorrow and leave its marks on Afghanistan’s political history.

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